Digital Marketing Specialist, Beer Geek, and Dog Lover

Jennifer Rogina

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Digital Marketing Skills

I have been a digital marketing specialist since 2008. Throughout the years my focus has been on Pay Per Click Advertising, Search Engine Optimization, and Conversion Rate Optimization. To learn about these topics, click on the skill below to view resources I have contributed to ClearPath.


  • Social and Behavioral Sciences Degree
  • Optimizely Platform Certified
  • Digital Analytics Fundamentals Certification
  • Google Analytics Platform Principles Certification
  • Search Marketing Boot Camp Certification

Side Projects

In my spare time, I sometimes like to create random websites based on inside jokes. Below are some of my silly side projects.

  • is a mobile application that allows users to find beer and food pairings.
  • allows users to submit their own opinion polls and vote on existing opinion polls.
  • allows users to create a customized home page with common website icons.
  • displays pop culture quotes that can be interpreted multiple ways.
  • is an image gallery of trees found on hiking trails that are dead but still beautiful.